Understanding Carbohydrates to Look Sexy and Become a Fit Savage

The holidays are over and now majority of you are wondering, how can I lose all of this chub I gained?

A major component with fat loss is finding ways to tap into your adipose tissue (fat storage) for energy. If you are taking in moderate-high carbohydrates daily, the body will likely not be efficient at using fat for energy because it will be drawing on carbohydrate reserves and blood glucose [1].

When glucose is used to make energy, a substantial number of free radicals are produced [5]. These free radicals are dangerous molecules that harm cellular processes [3].

Studies suggest that consuming a high fat, low carb diet causes faster/more permanent weight loss than a high carbohydrate diet. The burning of fat for energy does wonders; the high carb intake constantly elevates blood sugar that may be associated with nerve damage and bacterial infection.

If you eat mostly carbs, your body will run on mostly carbs. If you eat mostly fat, your body will run on mostly fat.

The fundamental recommendation for athletes engaging in regular training is to consume roughly 7-10 grams of carbohydrate per kg of body weight for enhanced performance. And many of these so called recommendations say to consume large amounts of sugary drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, etc), sugary bars (Cliff bar) and gross gels to keep blood glucose elevated. If you are skeptical and don’t believe this, these recommendations can be effortlessly found here: Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Side Note: One of the best protein bars I consume and enjoy is called the RXBar [4]. In one bar, it has 12g protein, 3 egg whites, 6 almonds, 4 cashews, 2 dates, any my favorite… Chocolate.

Give it a taaaaaste.

Okay now back to where I left off.

A study in the 2010 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal suggested that individuals on a high fat, low-carbohydrate diet achieved better adaptions and aerobic capacity after 10 weeks of training when training with low carbohydrate availability when being compared to individuals who had a high carbohydrate intake pre/post training. [2]

More evidence suggests that when carbohydrate stores are depleted by almost 50%, there is an increased stimulus for enhanced enzyme activity in skeletal muscles, making your body more efficient in producing energy from fat.

How is it that by reducing your carbohydrate intake availability during exercise you might actually increase performance? By training in a low carb state, you train your body to recover faster.

To summarize: If you consume complex carbohydrates ( here’s a list [6]) at a moderate to low amount every day you may:

  • Increase your ability to recover faster
  • Increase your fat utilization during exercise
  • Increase the activity of biological mechanisms that are responsible for building/repairing lean muscle tissues

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[9] Featured Image above in Title of cute girl eating a banana

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