Simple Dynamic Stretching to Effectively Enhance Mobility

Last week I introduced the pros/cons of foam rolling and left you guys hanging about what research has shown to be most effective in regards to improving mobility.

Here are a few stretches I do every morning before I begin my workout that have helped my flexibility drastically.

10 reps each leg x 1 set each exercise.

Dynamic stretching helps improve flexibility without negatively affecting strength performance [2]. By doing these simple exercises, you are preparing your body to be able to produce high amounts of force since these stretches are performed in an explosive, controlled manner [1].

If you incorporate these two simple stretches in your workout, the power of compounding will come in effect and your body will thank you down the road. Especially in strength training, when you start lifting heavier weights, these workouts should benefit as you become stronger, fitter, and faster.

Stretching everyday for just 5-10 minutes in a preferably quiet location (not the case here) completely de-stresses your body and can enhance your mind to start the day in a productive mindset.

Have a great weekend, and MAKE TODAY COUNT.





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